Erasmus incoming students

Information for incomming students for ERASMUS+ student mobility

  1. please read information about subjects and accommodation
    1. please pick up subjects from our ECTS Package of subjects 2021/2022
    2. and see info about accomodation
  2. please send us nomination from your mother university
  3. please send us all necessary documents:
    1. Learning agreement for studies (Please fill the full name of the subjects, codes and credits.)
    2. Student application form - filled by PC (not by hand)
    3. proof of language B1 level (English Language)
  4. Then we send you confirmed documents and Acceptation Letter

We accept scanned documents and we do not need the hard copies.
Please send your application documents to Mr. Vladimír Šalaga, email:

The syllabus of our subjects you can find here (you have to change language to English in right top corner):


First (autumn/fall/winter) semester will be organized in daily form (face-to-face).

Students will be accommodated at dormitory Hliny.

Each student who enter the Slovak Republic have to register before arrival in “ehranica” system:
More information about covid travel semafor please find here:

Academic year 2021/2022

First semester (winter) starts on 20. September 2021 and ends on 04. February 2022 (exam period included). (Application documents please send us till 15.06.2021)

Second semester (summer) starts on 21. February 2022 and ends on 01. July 2022 (exam period included). (Application documents please send us till 30.11.2021)

Academic year 2020/2021

First semester (winter) starts on 21. September 2020 and ends on 01. February 2021 (exam period included). (Application documents please send us till 12.06.2020)

Second semester (summer) starts on 22. February 2021 and ends on 21. June 2021 (exam period included). (Application documents please send us till 30.11.2020)

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